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Attributes of a professional closer(Pro-clo)

Attributes of a professional closer

Professional closer have certain attributes that set them apart from everyday salesman. Most salesmen look the part and are professional in behavior and appearance and, like the pro-clo, they are punctual, well –groomed, courteous, reliable, smart and well -dressed. But I’m not talking about professional appearance or behavior here. I’m talking about something deeper, I’m talking about the force from within that makes the pro-clo shine and out-perform the rest. That inner confidence and absolute belief in himself. Here then, are the attributes that make the pro-clo the best of the best, an absolute out-and-out winner.

1. A pro-clo is ambitious for success. He has an insatiable hunger, a burning desire to achieve and succeed.
2. A pro-clo is always in command of the situation and always aware of what is happening around him. He is able to think on his feet and he demonstrates a lot of ingenuity when faced with an unexpected problem. A pro-clo is streetwise and shrewd. He is also honest and reliable, and always delivers what he promises.
3. A pro-clo is an excellent listener and a convincing persuader. He has an acute perception and instinctively knows what to do next. He is a natural leader- people listen to him, respect him and warm to him.
4. A pro-clo enjoys his own company as much as he enjoys others, and he often works alone because he prefers it that way. After saying that he is always there to help out his colleagues and train the new recruits, because a pro-clo loves what he does, he gets a real buzz from his work.
5. A pro-clo abounds with enthusiasm, he has masses of initiative and energy and he gives each call too per-cent effort. A pro-clo is the guy who after a long and difficult sale, when he is mentally sapped and drained of energy, is still somehow able to tap into his reserves and make that last call, when anyone else would have packed up and gone home.
6. A pro-clo never seems to get sick, and even when he feels under the weather he still turns in for work. He is eager and has a great attitude.
7. A pro-clo is well-organized, he is possessive about his tools and equipment, he is meticulous in his preparations, his records are bang up – to- date and he is forever updating his figures. A pro-clo always knows where he is at.
8. A pro-clo has an air of authority about him that radiates confidence to his potential customers- he becomes their shepherd and they his flock.
9. A pro-clo is a masterful actor who is superb at creating emotion and at expressing himself. He is also an artist who paints pictures that are so life-like they become real.
10. A pro-clo never knocks the competition. He isn’t in the slightest afraid of it, instead he welcomes competition, he enjoys the challenge. A pro-clo is too per cent sold, right down the line. In reality, if he thought the competition was better, that’s where he would be working.
11. A pro-clo is always learning new material, he is always trying to better himself and is constantly striving forward, towards his goals. He is a winner who constantly says to himself: I can, I will, I am.
12. A pro-clo motivates himself. He is a go-getter with determination, drive and a burning passion for success. When he pumps himself up ready for action, he radiates a glow, a force from within that creates a gut feeling, a surge of power in the pit of his belly that cases butterflies to flutter, sends tingles up his spine and puts goose bumps on his arms. Because he’s invincible, he’s going to win he knows it and he feels it, from the inside out!


So far we have looked at the importance of having persistence, a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and some of the many attributes of a pro-clo. Before we move on to find out exactly how a pro-clo sells his product and closes the sale, here are a few reminders.
Step 1 – Persistence always conquers resistance, eventually.

Step 2- Without a PMA (Positive mental attitude) you will always be
DOA (dead on arrival).

Step 3- Enthusiasm comes from the heart and it’s highly contagious, Enthusiasm sells.

Step 4- Take on board the attributes of a pro-clo

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