Sunday, December 23, 2007

c – to be or not to be

Enthusiasm – to be or not to be

The only things a contagious as enthusiasm is fear.
Later on, in part three (close 5), we shall be looking at how, if it’s necessary, a pro-clo will instill fear into his customer to help close the sale. For now, through, we will look at what is without question, the most important ingredient of any sale: enthusiasm, whether it’s market trader selling bric-a-brac, a sales rep servicing a regular account, a shop assistant selling clothes, or a commission only direct salesperson, enthusiasm creates sales.
I have read that experience and enthusiasm are rarely found together in any one individual, which gives weight to the saying ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’. Let’s thing about that for a moment.

Picture the new recruit, fresh out of training, wet behind the ears but eager and raring to go. His product knowledge is almost non-existent and his experience is no-existent, but blow me down if that guy doesn’t go out there and get sale after sale after sale. His enthusiasm sells to his customer because enthusiasm is contagious.

After a while (about three months), the new recruit becomes the old hand. He is learning more and more and has become more experienced. He now knows his product knowledge inside out, he is confident, he is knowledge and well-versed. The excitement of the new challenge begins to dwindle; the element of surprise disappears with expectancy the flame of enthusiasm flickers on the verge of becoming extinguished. The new hotshot recruit becomes a regular, run –of –the-mil, mediocre salesman. Another one for the pile.

This is an all too familiar story, isn’t it?
It’s been said that enthusiasm accounts for as much as 95 per cent of the sale, and product knowledge only 5 per cent. When you consider that a new recruit can sell and sell without knowing any closes, and only the very basic product knowledge, you appreciate just how important enthusiasm is!

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to teach some one how to be enthusiastic. You see, a pro-clo is one of those rare individuals who has the experience and is also able to retain enthusiasm.
Here’s how, It all stems from the fact that a pro-clo is sold himself. That is to say, that he is sold on his product. So much so that when he sells to his customer he sells with enthusiasm, from the heart, not from the mouth. So the way to obtain and then retain enthusiasm is to sell yourself first. Once a pro-clo is sold, I mean really sold he develops an almost fanatical belief in his product and then woe betide anybody who doesn’t feel the same way.
Again, only the persuaded are able to persuade.
Remember: enthusiasm is contagious, so sell with enthusiasm, from the heart, and let it rub off on to your customers.

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