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Once upon a time, at the beginning of the World, God created salespeople. And the salespeople went forth and multiplied in abundance and they took on all different shapes and sizes and colors. The salespeople flourished and diversified into many different fields and backgrounds and into all walks of life. They took on the roles of executives, sales managers, franchisees, business people, shop-owners and the self-employed, agents, assistants, representatives, consultants, advisers and a special breed of commission only. In short salespeople. And God saw what he had done, and he was pleased.

One on one: The Secrets of professional Sales Closing is a book for all those salespeople, and for anyone in business who wants to succeed and grow and prosper. Anyone can sell, but it’s closing that makes the sale, and One on One will teach you how to do just that – close the sale, day in day out, year after year. This is not a storybook, but a detailed, comprehensive sales closing manual that will show you not just what you should do but exactly how you should do it. Inside these pages you will find time-kept secrets, and techniques, tricks and tacties which are proven and work, and everything is written in an easy pick-up-and-put-down format, with examples, simple illustrations and light-hearted exercises.

The intention on this book is to teach you how to become a PRO-CLO (a pro9fessional sales closer), an honest, caring and very successful indri dual, and also to give you the means that will make you rich in both wealth and happiness.

The contents of these pages include many lessons examples and closes that can easily be adapted to fit any sales situation, anywhere, and to anyone. In part One you will be taken on a staircase of thirty-nine steps, starting with sure-fire techniques and preparation, leading on to the art of successful selling, and finally culminating in asking for the order. In Part Two you will learn how to deal with objections and how to overcome the forty-two most common ones there are, Part Three is an arsenal of sixty proven closes for everyday use, your ammunition for becoming a superpower. And finally in part Four, you will discover how to get to the top and stay there.
The techniques and closes in this encyclopedia on sales have not evolved overnight, they have been accumulated over years of success and first hand experience in sales, in business and in training salespeople. The path of proven success is always the best one to follow, and many of the techniques and closes in this book are either from a bygone age or adapted from some of the world’s greatest sales trainers of today. These, together with the secrets of a proclo, are now combined to create a book of such magnitude that your sales figures are guaranteed to increase.
The key to learning from this book is to make it work for you. As you read through the pages you will find that it talks to you. I urge you to talk back to it, fill it full of your scribbles and use a highlighter pen to make any important pieces stand out. Make this book yours personally and it will work for you. Refer to it time and time again, and re-read it at regular intervals. Take on board the lessons and techniques and adapt them into your everyday life. If you will do as I ask, this book will indeed make you rich.
The purpose of my writing this book is my sincere desire to pass on the secret techniques of the pro-clo. In my selling career I have personally closed in excess of $20 million of sales one on one, and I have trained thousands of salespeople from all over the world. My reason for telling you this is not to blow my own horn, but to convince you as best as I can that the techniques and closes in this book have been tried and tested and proven to work. From my experience, the most sought-after information by salespeople everywhere is information on closing the sale, and that is exactly what this book provides. It is unique because it concentrates on closing, not just on selling.
And finally, before diving in I would like to explain that for simplicity and case of reading I have restricted myself to the use of “he” or ‘him’ rather than using literally hundreds of times ‘he/she’ or ‘him/her’. The use of the masculine pronoun is simply for convenience, and is in no way meant to be derogative or chauvinistic. Also for ease of reading, I refer to ‘a product’ rather than continuously writing ‘product’ goods, or services’. And one last thing…… As this is a positive book, I have assumed in the many examples that a sale will be made and therefore the purchaser will become a customer. There are many different names for a customer- a prospect, a client, an up, a lead, a buyer, a purchaser, a consumer, and so on. I prefer the name ‘customer’ because (a) it assumes a sales will be made and (b) it suggests that regular sales will be made.
There are no ifs, buts, or maybes about it, the techniques and closes in this book will, if you apply them, take you to the top, the best of the best, a true pro-clo.
Now it’s time to go to it and begin your climb of the thirty –nine steps to success. Good luck.

Ian Seymour

PS The first thing you should do with this book is stick your name on it.


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