Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Don’ts

The Don’ts

1. Don’t use red.
Never write with a red pen, or wear a red shirt/ dress/blouse when you are with a customer. Subconsciously red signifies danger, stop beware, anger, red alert. Although these negative thoughts are not in the forefront of the customer’s mind, they are nevertheless there, warning the customer to be wary.
You wouldn’t wave a red rag at a bull to win favour, so don’t do it to a customer.
2. Don’t wear dark sunglasses when you are with a customer.
This gives the impression that you have something to hide, that you are a shady character who cannot be trusted. Eye contact is a must for the pro –clo.
By the same token, it’s impossible to read a customer wearing dark glasses, and you should ask him politely to remove them. I find a little hum our works best. Try saying ‘Mr Jones, what colour are your eyes?’ When he answers, say ‘would you mind proving it to me? (Raise your eyebrows and give him a knowing smile.) Works every time!
3. Don’t ask certain questions.
Never ask a customer if he understands. Not wanting to appear stupid, he will always answer ‘yes’ even when he wants to say ‘No’ Never say to a customer ‘ Your know what I mean’ or ‘Do you get my drift?’ Again, he will always answer ‘Yes’ when he might mean ‘No’ Instead, ask ‘Are you happy with that?’ Do you have any questions?’ Did you follow that or shall I go over it again?’
Also, never say to a customer ‘Let me be honest’ or ‘To tell you the truth, because it implies that you weren’t before. When someone says they’ll be honest with you, it generally means the opposite!

4. Don’t knock the competition
This has an adverse effect. The customer will think that you are trying to hide behind the competition or that you are trying to justify an inadequacy in your product. A pro-clo doesn’t knock the competition, he welcomes it, and sometimes he will even compare the competition’s product with his own in front of a customer. Remember what we said earlier. The pro-clo is sold on his product too per cent. If he thought the competition was better, he would be working for them. It is this belief, this conviction that makes the customer buy.
5. Don’t live in the past
Reminiscing can be fun and enjoyable, but only to the person doing the reminiscing. It’s the ‘also-rans’ in life who live off past performance and an old worn-out reputation. There is nothing worng with looking back, now and again-but remember, being in reverse won’t you forward.
6. Don’t fight change, welcome it.
Change has always caused, and always will cause, insecurity, doubt, unfamiliarity and fear. A pro-clo knows this but he understands that change is necessary. Without it we would all still be in the Stone Age living in caves. A pro-clo knows that change is good, it keeps people on their toes, it demonstrates a will to progress and to improve. Above all else, change creates a new challenge and every pro-clo loves a good challenge. So he doesn’t fight change, he encourages it.
7. Don’t stop learning
A pro-clo is forever reading new material, listening to cassettes and gaining new information. He is always updating his portfolio of techniques and closes and gathering new tools. A pro-clo has a relentless desire, a burning passion for knowledge and he soaks up all positive material like a sponge.
A pro-clo knows that the key to continuous success is continuous learning. If you stop learning you will eventually begin to decline. It’s like traveling in a hot air balloon. To ascend to greater heights you need to continuously supply fuel. If you shut off the fuel supply(stop learning) you will hang in suspension for a while, but inevitably you will begin to descend.
I wrote this book in such a way that it is easy to pick up and put down, because I know it is impossible to absorb all the lessons in one go. I implore you again to keep reading this book at regular intervals, use it as your personal sales manual, and keep learning. Don’t ever stop, don’t become content with mediocrity don’t remain stationary because if you do you will start to decline. Let me put it this way:
To discover how to be a true pro-clo
Continue to learn and continue to grow.

8. Don’t waste time
Time is the most precious thing in the world, and life is too short to waste it. A pro-clo makes full use of his time, he plans how to use it to give optimum benefit. However, things don’t always go according to plan, and when a pro-clo finds he has time on his hands, he doesn’t loaf around. Instead, he asks himself: ‘what is the most worthwhile thing I could be doing right now?’ When he comes up with the answer, he gets straight to it!
Remember to plan time for recreation and with your family and don’t get side-tracked. A pro-clo plans his time and times his plan.

9. Don’t give losers the time of day
In every sales organization there is always a group or negative salespeople that you should avoid like the plague. These losers are so easy to spot- They’re the ones that take an hour over a gallon of coffee before they start work in the morning, the ones that are forever hanging around the office or canteen and the ones that congregate in the pub after work to drown their sorrows. All these losers seem to do is complain, make up excuse, spread gossip and start rum ours.
All losers are sinking, and they are so afraid of going under that they try to pull everyone else down with them, thinking that they will find safety in numbers. When all is said and done, these birds of a feather will always flock together and there is very little you or I can do to change that. In this instance, the old saying ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’ is wrong’. A pro-clo says ‘If you can’t beat them, avoid them –but do it politely, there is no point in adding fuel to their fire.
In staying away from the losers ‘ pro-clo often alienates himself, but that doesn’t really bother him. He knows that sometimes ‘it’s tough at the top’, but it’s always tougher at the bottom.
10. Don’t ever give up
Fight the good fight, and when all else fails, when you’re in dire straits, when there is no hope whatsoever, admit defeat. There is no shame in it- but before you do, try another close.

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